Investment Property Mortgage in Orleans

If you have decided to take the plunge into the rewarding world of property investing, you are going to need to contact a mortgage broker. With the help of a brokerage firm, you’ll secure that low-interest, high-return mortgage you need to succeed.

As many borrowers and lenders can already attest, there are few mortgage brokers as qualified to assist you like those at Borrowing Made Simple. With a longstanding reputation among lenders and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ll secure you the mortgage you need to prosper for years to come.

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What Is an Investment Property?

An investment property is a property purchased for the purpose of generating income. These properties may be residential, commercial, or mixed-use. Mortgages and loans for these types of properties come with varying terms determined by factors related to the number of dwellings in the building, the size of the property, and more.

Property owners have the potential to generate a substantial income through investment properties. Income can be generated through renting, leasing, or the gradual appreciation of the property itself. In order to make sure your property yields high returns, we suggest you work with us. We will make sure your investment rewards you for years to come.

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Do Lenders Offer Mortgages for Investment Properties?

Some lenders do not offer investment property mortgages. This is because some lenders think these mortgage types are high-risk. When you work with our brokerage firm, we’ll be able to pursue lenders who specialize in investment properties, thus streamlining your mortgage application.

How Much are Down Payments for Income Property Mortgages?

As of 2010, Canadians are required to make at least a 20% down payment on non-owner-occupied investment properties. For owner-occupied properties with 1-2 units, your down payment could be as low as 5%. If you decide to put down 20% or more on your property, you are eligible for a 30-year amortization period.

Are Mortgage Rates for Investment Properties Higher Than Usual?

Lenders determine rental property mortgage rates by considering a variety of factors. They consider the borrower’s credit history, the diligence of the broker, and the property type.

A non-owner-occupied property may come with a higher interest rate attached to it, as many lenders consider these types of loans high-risk.

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