Borrowing Made Simple Mortgage services

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable-rate mortgages come in a broad array of types, with varying term lengths and initial rates. Prospective homeowners come to Borrowing Made Simple to explore their options thanks to our extensive product inventory and consistently competitive rates.

Bad Credit Mortgage

Bad credit doesn’t have to mean a bad deal. At Borrowing Made Simple, we specialize in finding great mortgages for people with poor credit scores. We connect our clients with a variety of lenders, helping them shop the most competitive deals on the market.

Best Mortgage Rates

At Borrowing Made Simple, we’re changing the face of the industry with our unbeatably low mortgage rates. We work with diligence and skill to find our clients the best deals available. And as a broker, we’re not tied to any particular bank or lender. We’re independent, allowing us to shop the widest selection of rates available. Rest assured—we have no one’s interests but yours at heart.

Commercial Mortgage

At Borrowing Made Simple, we believe in helping our clients find the right mortgage for their needs, offering our professional advice and our connections to a wide array of mortgage lenders. From pre-qualification to final negotiation, we assist you in exploring the best commercial mortgage rates in the market today.

First Time Home Buyers

At Borrowing Made Simple, we help you get your finances organized so that you may qualify for your first mortgage, as well as first-time homebuyer discount programs. Our mortgage brokers can provide you with trusted, professional advising on choosing the best first-time mortgage for your situation.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Borrowing Made Simple is making a name for itself as a Canadian leader in mortgage brokering. We provide first-time and veteran home buyers with a full spectrum of fixed-rate mortgage terms at the most competitive rates on the market.

Home Equity Line Of Credit

Borrowing Made Simple can help you understand what a home equity line of credit is and how it works. We can also assist you in assessing whether a HELOC is right for your circumstances. A HELOC is not for everyone, so it’s always best to consult a professional before making any decisions.

Investment Property Mortgage

An investment property is a piece of real estate purchased for the purpose of generating income or securing capital gains. These properties fall under the categories of residential, commercial, and mixed-use. Mortgages for each type of real estate come with their own terms, and down payments for commercial mortgages may be higher.

Mortgage Broker

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make—ensure that you are making the best deal possible with the licensed mortgage brokers at Borrowing Made Simple. No matter what type of buyer you are, we will take the time to understand your situation and help you find the best mortgage solution for your needs. Our professional resources and thorough approach allow us to guarantee the lowest possible rates for our clients.

Mortgage Broker Services

When buying a home, there is so much to consider, such as the type of property that will suit your needs, your budget, and what kind of work you're ready to put in. However, the very first step is finding out what type of mortgage you qualify for. This will determine how much you can afford to spend on buying a home.

Mortgage Expert

The mortgage experts at Borrowing Made Simple have been working in the industry for many years, and have the tools and resources needed to help you find a mortgage loan that works for you. We work with a variety of banks, credit unions, and private loaners in the Ottawa area. We’ll work together to compare the very best available rates.

Mortgage Rates

When it comes to today’s mortgage rates, Borrowing Made Simple is dedicated to providing prospective homebuyers with more choice and lower interest.

Mortgage Refinancing

With our years of experience and strong standing in the financial world, we’ll make sure your newly refinanced mortgage is everything you want and more.

Mortgage Renewals

Our team of mortgage brokers provides you with outstanding support throughout the mortgage renewal process. We’ll help you decide on lenders, rates, and plans most suitable for you.

New To Canada Mortgage

Borrowing Made Simple provides homebuyers that have immigrated or relocated to Canada with personalized mortgage solutions.

Pre Approved Mortgage

Our brokers specialize in pre-approval mortgage applications, streamlining the path to homeownership for each and every client that walks through our door.

Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

Investing in a purchase plus improvements mortgage can help you get the most out of your new home, right off the bat.

Reverse Mortgage

If you are over 55 years of age and want to utilize the home equity you have built over the years, a reverse mortgage might be the right decision for you.

Second Mortgage

If you have pressing financial responsibilities, borrowing from your home’s equity through a second mortgage can help relieve the fiscal strain.

Variable Rate Mortgage

Obtaining a variable-rate mortgage is made simple and affordable with Borrowing Made Simple.