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What Is a Variable-Rate Mortgage?

When a mortgage has a floating interest rate, it is called a variable-rate mortgage. The interest rate can vary from month to month or year to year based on fluctuations in the market.

With a variable-rate mortgage, you’ll typically see your rate broken down into two components:

  1. Prime lending rate (the rate set by national banks)
  2. Additional interest rate

Your overall mortgage rate will adjust according to the prime rate. If prime increases, so too does your mortgage rate. If, however, prime decreases, then you’ll be able to enjoy the savings from a lower interest rate.

Variable-Rate Mortgages V.S Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Whereas a variable mortgage rate will change with fluctuations in the market, a fixed-rate mortgage always stays the same. With a fixed-rate mortgage, your interest rate always stays the same, locked at whatever you agreed upon in the terms of the loan.

Unlike a variable-rate mortgage, fixed-rate mortgages do not always come with a five-year agreement term. A fixed-rate mortgage can last one year, two years, or even ten years before having to be renewed.

Fixed-rate mortgages tend to be the most popular option since they pose a lower risk for borrowers. Of all the mortgages in Canada, nearly three-quarters of them are fixed-rate.

Variable-rate mortgages may be less popular, but they are no less worth considering. They may be prone to market fluctuations, but they also usually offer a lower overall interest rate, as lenders tend to view them as less risky.

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How Does a Variable Rate Mortgage Work?

Variable-rate mortgages usually come with a five-year fixed term length. During those five years, your payments will always stay the same from month to month. What will change is where your money is spent: With a higher rate, more of your money will go toward paying off the interest. With a lower rate, more of it goes toward paying off the principal balance, in turn shortening your amortization period.

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