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Home purchases can feel overwhelming and, sometimes, downright impossible. From finding a home to putting in an offer, you’re already done a lot of work and spent hours of your time on different websites and doing complicated calculations.

Now, you have to figure out the funding—and that’s a whole new ballgame.

Fortunately, the team at Borrowing Made Simple lives up to its name. We simplify the complex and high-stakes process of finding and applying for a mortgage by comparing different lenders, presenting you with our recommendations, and walking you through the application.

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We Help You Find the Right Mortgage Type, Term, and Lender

Some of the most important decisions that will go into your mortgage application are the type, the term, and the lender. We help you make the right choice in every category.

Mortgage Type

Choosing the right type of mortgage can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The terms you’ll hear most often are “fixed-rate” or “adjustable-rate” mortgages. As the names suggest, one type has a set interest rate that doesn’t change over the mortgage term, while the other fluctuates with the market. Within these types, there is variability—for example, an adjustable-rate mortgage might begin with a fixed-rate period before beginning to variate.

Mortgage Term

The term is how long your mortgage agreement lasts before it must be renewed. The term will impact many factors, including the interest rate, potential penalties, amortization, and more.

Mortgage Lender

Finding you the right lender is where our team truly shines. We compare and contrast your available options across a vast network of lenders, finding the right balance of security and affordability that will enable you to move forward confidently.

Rather than spending hours on the Internet, on the phone, in meetings, and weighing the options, let us do the work and present you with the easy-to-understand results formatted to enable a smooth application and approval.

Going to a Toronto Mortgage Broker versus a Bank

The most crucial role mortgage brokers play in the home financing industry is ensuring borrowers are presented with competitive options that protect their interests. While banks are self-motivated to charge higher interest rates and put restrictive terms and conditions into place, our brokers leverage their lender networks and knowledge of fluctuating interest rates to connect our clients with choices that suit their finances and goals.

Our brokerage also presents options and workarounds for those who may have difficulty finding a mortgage through banks and other traditional routes. This might be you for any of the following reasons:

Learn more about choosing a mortgage broker over a bank mortgage by viewing our rates comparison. While these rates fluctuate over time, we remain a step ahead of the banking industry by staying flexible and knowledgeable about a wide array of mortgage options.

Calculate Your Mortgage Rate

Wondering what your monthly mortgage payments might look like? With interest rates and property values yoyoing up and down, getting a reliable picture of your mortgage payments can be challenging.

However, it’s helpful for your financial well-being and preparedness to have some idea of what your regular fees might be. You can estimate your mortgage payments based on your property value, mortgage term, and type by using our mortgage calculator.

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